Cecile Lagman

Theatre Nurse

Cecile is a theatre nurse at the Hunar Clinic, and she will be with you in the procedure room along with the doctors.

About Me

Cecile is a skilled and hugely experienced nurse, and is a link between the procedure team and the clinic itself, making sure everything runs smoothly.

Fun fact: Cecile has the memory of an elephant, she remembers EVERYTHING!

Work Experience

She graduated from Angeles University Foundation in the Philippines in 1998, and gained her nursing license the same year.


She volunteered as a theatre nurse at the Ospital Ning Angeles, Philippines before moving to the private sector. In 2003, she completed her conversion training in the UK and began working at Basildon University Hospital, where she is also currently a ward sister. 

Cecile joined Dr Gupta’s team in 2015 as a theatre nurse, and alongside responsibilities for the surgical instruments and the preparatory aspects of procedures, she is there to help you through your time at the clinic and will be involved in all aspects of your care.