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Miss Maria Theresa Pauig (Thess)

NMC Number: 03Y0298O

About Me

Thess is a Theatre Practitioner (Anaesthetic, Scrub, and Recovery) at the Hunar Clinic, working alongside the surgeon, anesthetist & and the rest of the theatre Team. She will be with you all throughout the journey of your procedure.


Fun Fact: Thess has a very good sense of humour and can adapt easily to any environment.

                  Thess can speak English, Arabic and Filipino.

Work Experience

She graduated from Liceo De Cagayan University, Philippines in 1994 where she gained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Her first work experience after she graduated was in a military hospital in the same city in the Philippines then to a private sector as a charge nurse in the operating room and post anaesthesia care unit. She then decided to work in the Middle East to widen her experience for 5 years in the same area of expertise, learning the culture and language.

Her enthusiasm to progress her career brought her to the United Kingdom in 2002 where she worked as Cardio-Thoracic Nurse and a Transplant specialist Nurse in one of the prestigious hospitals in the NHS.  She gained all her additional training and courses to add on to her qualifications.

Thess has joined Dr. Gupta’s Team in Hunar Clinic in 2022 as an Anaesthetic practitioner Nurse, alongside responsibilities for the preparatory aspects of procedure and anaesthesia, she is there to help you through your time at the clinic and will be involved in all aspects of your care.  

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