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Jessica Boulter (Jess)

Patient Co-ordinator/PA to Dr Gupta

About Me

Jess is our patient co-ordinator and personal assistant to Dr Puneet Gupta, working with him for the last 14 years. She is well versed in the procedure and journey of Dr Gupta’s patient. Jess would be your first contact for any information on the phone or email regarding your enquiry for treatment or any questions you might have regarding the liposuction procedure. She would be the co-ordinator between you and Dr Gupta.  

Jess possesses excellent communication skills, patients love her way of clear, empathetic, and effective way of communicating information which helps to build trust and relationships with the patients. 

Jess would be with you as a chaperone during a consultation to provide support both emotionally and physically if required. 

Fun Fact- Jess can get away with her most beautiful smile! 

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