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Dr Prerna Mittal

MBBS, MBCAM, GMC No: 6043764

Consultant in Aesthetic Medicine 

Dr Mittal has years of experience and expertise in a range of procedures and you are sure that you are in safe hands when you are under her care. She is a Renowned physician specializing in practical dermatology and facial & body aesthetics.

For many years she has changed her patients’ lives and patients love her steady hand and innate ability to deliver facial and body symmetry and balance.

About Me

Dr Prerna Mittal is a renowned physician consults on the entire spectrum of skin issues and medical aesthetic procedures for both men and women. Her area of specialisation lies in maintaining healthy skin, restoring facial contours and volume lost through ageing and hormonal imbalance, acne, skin issues like dry irritated skin, rash, or acne occurring particularly in perimenopause/menopause/postmenopausal women.


Correcting and treating sagging jowls, sunken eyes, folds around the mouth, and dry, lustreless skin are her speciality. She is dedicated to enabling women and men of all backgrounds and ethnicities to look and feel their absolute best.


In addition, she is a frequent and well-regarded expert contributor to papers and forums with advice and help about these treatments. As a result of her dedication to the health and safety of her patients, she regularly updates her training on the latest products and employs innovative skin rejuvenation and regenerative cosmetic procedures using market-leading products such as PROXN skin care range, Ellanse’ as a collagen stimulator and 'Profhilo' as a skin booster.


By providing long-term maintenance for ageing skin, Dr Mittal aims to improve skin tone and texture and provide supportive treatments to the soft tissue of the face that is falling due to the unavoidable impacts of gravity and age.


Safety and patient welfare are Dr Mittal's top priorities and the clinic's guiding principles. Each consultation begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the patient's ideas, concerns and expectations followed by a detailed assessment of the face. A safe and effective course of treatment options will then be discussed, agreed, and scheduled to work with the patients’ budget and availability.


Dr Mittal takes great delight in contributing to the continuing health of each patient, long after their aesthetic procedure has been completed. A true professional, with a warm welcome for all.


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