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My Menopausal Skin and Me

By Dr Prerna Mittal from the Hunar Clinic

Let’s face it ladies, the menopause sucks!  After your periods end, the menopause kicks in with its unsavoury bag of troublesome symptoms such as mood swings, night sweats, brain fog, anxiety, hot flushes, and dry, itchy skin. Symptoms that I am suffering from right now, as I try to navigate my way through the menopause.

As a doctor and facial and body aesthetic specialist, I want to share some game-changing news with you about a new skin care product that I’m using, that I’m confident will help regenerate the menopausal skin of women who are suffering too.


The impact of the menopause

The menopause is natural biological process, but it can have a big impact on our lives, relationships, and work.  Hormone levels plummet as oestrogen levels drop, leaving us with reduced stores of the skin’s natural hydration boosters.

There are many well-known ways to tackle menopausal symptoms, such as HRT, changes in diet, exercising regularly, and complementary therapies, but in this blog, I’d like to focus on what happens to your skin during the menopause and a revolutionary new way to alleviate the symptoms that’s working for me.


Internal and external factors contributing to aging skin

You can’t turn back time, but you can control how your skin looks and feels by considering ways of counteracting the natural changes from within and making changes to minimise the effect of external factors.

Sun exposure, smoking, pollution, and diet are the external factors that we can control, and by always wearing suncream, eating a more healthy, balanced diet, stopping smoking, and using a face cream with antioxidants, you can help protect and reduce the aging effects on your skin.

As we age, many things change for women on the inside too. Collagen levels fall, a process sped up by falling oestrogen levels during menopause. Skin can become dry, thin, and slack, and confusingly and rather annoyingly, you may notice less hair on your scalp and more on your face.  Doesn’t sound good, however, don’t despair ladies, embrace the changes as we really can make a difference to how our skin looks and feels.


When did you last change your skincare products?

We are often creatures of habit as change can be unsettling and for those with busy lives, time consuming. When it comes to skincare, we need to be reactive, switching the products we use as we change and age. 

During and after the menopause, skin can age more rapidly than at any other stage of a woman’s life. Oestrogen deficient skin can be dull and dry with more prominent wrinkles, due to the loss of plumpness. Sounds depressing, but don’t despair, as there are several ways that we can improve the appearance of our skin by fighting back against the effects of the menopause.


Breakthrough new skincare product

I am championing ProXN Xanthohumol, a breakthrough new skin care product that is helping to regenerate my menopausal skin.

It was created by a group of pre-eminent Polish scientists who have found a way of harnessing the full power of a natural product called Xanthohumol, in skin therapy.  This product has been known about for a while, but the conundrum was how to deliver it to the skin in an active form.

Having resolved the key issue, this group of amazing scientists have been able to create products that have an unprecedented protective and repairing effect.  The remarkable antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Xanthohumol help counteract the loss of elasticity and dryness of menopausal skin. 

Xanthohumol Complex is a rich formula packed full of many valuable heroic ingredients such as lactoferrin, coenzyme Q10, niacinamide, tranexamic acid, gluconolactone, lactobionic acid, silver ions, and colloidal gold. It’s a cracking team-player that packs a punch in the battle to stave off the effects of the menopause on aging skin.


Championing ProXN Xanthohumol as a magic elixir

I am confident that ProXYN Xanthohumol is a game-changer in the fight to repair and regenerate menopausal skin.

Life is for living, so don’t suffer in silence. Book a consultation with me so we can discuss how I can help improve the condition and appearance of your menopausal skin.

Your skin is as unique as your fingerprints, so I will take time and great care during your initial consultation to listen to your concerns and discuss the treatment options that I think will work for you.

Let’s beat the effects of menopausal skin together.


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