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Skin care issues in older women

I would be approaching 50 soon. I am finding myself increasingly concerned how do I maintain my skin and prepare myself for when I am older.

I wonder if this concern would resonate with you as well.

I have drawn on my knowledge and my experience to address these issues of every woman in peri and postmenopausal age group.

Let’s retrace our youth and maintain our much-deserved elegant appearance forever.

1. In those carefree days of my 20’s, where there was no concept of sunblock, and the idea of cosmetics with SPF was practically unheard of. I enjoyed sun lying on the beach without any protection, I can see some sun damage on my skin. But times have changed, and the importance of protecting our skin from harmful UV rays has become a widely discussed topic. Now that I know the importance of sunscreen, it’s still not too late to protect my skin from further damage. Incorporate SPF 35 to 45 sunscreen into your daily routine, even while you are indoors. Moisturisers and foundations are available with SPF 45; why not replace your cosmetics with the ones with SPF?

2. Fancy, expensive skincare products claim to be big but does your skin really need them? Sometimes they can do more harm then good to the skin. My favourites are natural products from the kitchen. Coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, they are free from any harmful chemicals. Coconut oil has an anti-inflammatory effect and is a great moisturiser for the skin.

3. Wash your face twice a day using mild facial cleanser or just with warm water. And don’t forget to apply mild hydrating moisturiser after washing your face morning and evening.

4. Exfoliation of the skin once a week helps to remove dead skin cells using organic scrub or home-made scrub with rice, oat flower, sugar and coconut oil or any ready-made organic scrub available in the market.

5. My favourite facial pack is fuller earth and rose water. 100% organic, cheap, and most beneficial to the skin. It acts as a cleanser, by extracting the impurities and opening clogged pores, good for acne prone skin, anti-inflammatory clams any skin irritation and moisturiser effect helps skin to hydrate and reduce wrinkles.

6. Retinols are a vitamin A derivative, a super ingredient for our ageing skin. Retinols help increase skin cell turnover and collagen production in the skin. Reduces the dark spots, evens out the complexion, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Retinoic acid in higher concentrations is the main component for treating acne skin, as it helps to unclog the pores and treat acne. Shelves are full of skincare products with retinols, but they all have retinols in smaller concentrations, which will work but will take longer to show results, and they also have other preservatives that can irritate the skin. I prefer prescription retinols, which are higher in concentration, have visible results within a few weeks, and contain no other harmful additives. The downside is that you have a bit of skin irritation due to the higher concentration of retinol, but as your aesthetician or dermatologist I could guide you on how to use them for maximum benefit.

7. Lastly, and most importantly, your diet and lifestyle: good 8 hours of sleep and regular moderate exercise like yoga and Pilates. At least 8 glasses of water a day and a balanced diet with fruits, leafy vegetables, fish, and nuts if you are not allergic to the nuts; also, don’t forget your supplements of vitamin D, vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium.

Always remember that smoking helps to cause more wrinkles; it breaks down collagen faster in the skin to lose elasticity, and the skin looks more dehydrated and wrinklier. Your choice is either to stop smoking or to continue and look much older than your age.

8. Managing with age-related volume loss is yet another challenge. Bony and soft tissue changes are inevitable with age. This can make faces look hollow and haggard. However, our advance aesthetic procedures can quickly treat these concerns. However, it is crucial to find an aesthetician who is medically trained, skilled, and empathetic enough to listen to your concerns and provide customised therapy. I have helped many women of our age and older improve their appearance with these revolutionary therapies of injecting dermal fillers and Botulinum toxin Type A along with other medical grade skincare treatments. No words can describe my excitement when I see these women full of youthful look following treatment.

There would be plenty of questions regarding your skincare and how to maintain your youthful look. Why not see me in consultation and together we will work the best skincare plan just for you?

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