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Why you should try Aesthetic Treatments

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Did you know approximately 75.6% of women are working mums in the UK? Like many mums who are full-time working, I know how hectic our daily routines are. On top of that, keeping ourselves healthy in shape and trying to fit in the time for hairdressers, nails, facials and let us not start with time for shopping..... We also know how important finding this time for ourselves to have these little treats and changes boost our confidence and somewhat make us feel normal(if that's possible!) There is a lot of taboo around aesthetic procedures, but with knowledge and the right clinic with the right treatment plan, this can make a big difference to how we feel and ease those dark circles that we mums seem never to get rid of without a bit of help!! I, for one, like many women, am proud to be a woman and how hard we work for our families and in our jobs; small treats and minor procedures help enhance our self-confidence and make us feel good when we leave our hectic morning to go off to work is worth every penny!!

Aesthetic treatment is somewhat frowned upon as sausage lips and high cheekbones, but this is not true with the proper treatment and support. If you go to the right clinic, have a consultation and discuss the natural look, which is what we are all looking to achieve. Just wanting to prolong our youth without people noticing that you have had a treatment, in my mind, is a must for all women worldwide. This is why we took the time to talk to Dr Mittal, who runs the state-of-the-art Hunar clinic at Gerrard cross, to understand how we can enjoy aesthetic procedures without feeling frowned upon for doing so or the stigma that comes with sausage lips and high cheekbones. As women, we have had to fight for our rights to vote and our rights for equal pay. It's time we fight for our right to look and feel beautiful without judgement which ultimately gives us the confidence to get through our busy lives.

We ask the questions of why the Hunar clinic and not our local beauty therapist, and there are strong arguments as to why we as women need the support as we get older to go to doctors that are professional and can plan treatments around what we need to maintain our features and prolong our youth without drastic changes. Let's see what Dr Mittal advises.

What Aesthetic procedures work?? Women around the globe are researching? We speak to an award-winning leading practitioner Dr Prerna Mittal for answers.

Dr Mittal 2019 established a new state-of-the-art clinic at the Hunar clinic in Gerrard cross, winning the best new clinic in UK & Ireland 2021. Dr Mittal is a valued expert in her field, contributing to media articles around Aesthetic procedures that WORK!!

Dr Mittal is a leading practitioner and consults with women and men to enhance and maintain natural contouring for your face; Dr Mittal designs treatment plans to meet the individual patient's needs.

With her extensive training and knowledge in aesthetic treatments, she is a specialist with expertise in an increasingly popular area of facial and symmetry health for men and women.

The question on all our minds is? what works for long-term effects.

Dr Mittal's speciality lies in providing supportive treatment to the soft tissues of the face falling with inevitable effects of gravity for long-term maintenance of ageing skin. Dr Mittal believes she uses advanced evidence-based skin rejuvenation and regenerative cosmetic procedures such as Profhilo and Ellanse'. Patients' improved tone, texture and reduction of visible ageing lines are some benefits.

WOW, and this works...? My question is, what is the next step for all us women and men? It's daunting making those first steps to pick up the phone and make the appointment!!! Then to get an already doubtful self-confidence to turn up for the appointment??

Dr Mittal answer is safety and patient welfare are their TOP priority and ultimately the foundation on which the Hunar clinic prides itself. Each appointment begins with a thorough review of the patient's requirements, ensuring the treatments offered are effective and safe.

She takes immense pride in contributing to the ongoing wellbeing of every patient long after their aesthetic procedure is complete.

Dr Mittal's patients welcome her steady hand and innate ability to deliver symmetry and balance and ensure you are left feeling naturally enhanced by Aesthetic treatments that work for you as an individual.

What gave Dr Mittal the insight to do aesthetic medicine? As we age... we see ourselves in the mirror and those processes of aging which we ignore, even though it's affecting our confidence, and we tend to lose our inner strength. Dr Mittal wanted to bring that confidence back to her patients by uplifting their looks naturally.

In her long career in aesthetic medicine for the past ten years, making a minor change to your look by softening the unwanted facial lines, replacing the volume in the hollowness under the eyes, or replacing the hydration in the aging skin brings confidence back to conquer back your self-confidence.

With so many... beauty shops/clinics opened, our question is? Why the Hunar clinic? What makes you different?

Dr Prerna Mittal is a fully registered member of the General Medical Council (GMC- 6043764) with a licence to practice and a full member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr Prerna Mittal had a broad medical background, having graduated from the University of Mumbai (India) with a Bachelor of Medicine in 2002. Since then, she has completed her GP training from the Oxford Deanery and has worked in General Practice and hospital-based roles, including paediatrics, obstetrics, gynaecology, women's health, and adult psychiatry.

Dr Mittal has undertaken extensive training in many treatments and procedures. In 2015, she trained in facial and body aesthetics at the prestigious Institute of London in Harley Street.

It's needless to say... you are in safe hands, and as we know, knowledge is key!! The extensive training and advanced training Dr Mittal has is of the highest most valued in her industry.

The question on all our minds is, do you use the treatments yourself?

Dr Mittal is also a Mother of young children and knows too well the pressures and stresses of being a full-time award-winning working mum. All women are beautiful; we have the strength to look after ourselves and our families, we have the power to give birth, and we have the ability to make a change. Sometimes, we get so busy looking after our family and meeting targets at work that we ignore ourselves and stop believing in ourselves. We all know that doing a little thing for us, like buying new makeup, getting a new dress, or changing a hairstyle, makes us feel happier and good about ourselves. Like any woman, I think these same emotions, and yes, I use the treatments myself to make minor changes that significantly impact how it makes me feel.

I love love love Dr Mittal's real life account and honesty about how treatments can make us feel more confident and enhance our natural looks using minor advanced aesthetic procedures.

Dr Mittal believes in restoring and preserving your natural look, not changing YOU. "I like when my patients come and say that they get compliments from friends that they are looking fresh and beautiful, but they cannot guess that you had your treatment".

We often hear about people as young as 20 having aesthetic procedures. What are your thoughts on this?

With the right treatment plan women and men as young as twenty can benefit from the minor procedures to help enhance and build their confidence.

Dr Mittal likes to target more of the age group between 30 to 65.

Dr Mittal is an expert in non-surgical face lifts using a combination of products through injections. The aim is to hold those aging structures of the face for longer. To restore and rejuvenate the looks without making it a noticeable change.

Ageing is inevitable, but we can age gracefully with simple treatments without any side effects or going under the knife.

Ellanse is a collagen-stimulating filler composed of polyCaproLactone (PCL). This scaffolds the ageing facial structures when placed deeper at the bony level. Evans is a longer-lasting filler which provides desired results for up to two years.

Dr Mittal is regarded as one of the experts in using Ellanse with minimal side effects for her patients.

This is the best treatment for working women who don't have time to return to the clinic every six months.

Other treatments include botox and hyaluronic acid fillers. All the treatments are tailored individually for each patient. There is no one treatment fit for all.

Dr Mittal tells us how she always believes that less is more. Dr Mittal will refuse your request to inject more if she feels it is inappropriate for you.

Dr Mittal's honest approach to how aesthetics can benefit all ages, women and men, helps build confidence and make you feel happier about yourself and your features. We have seen many patients benefit from the Hunar clinic approach to aesthetic procedures, and many more will if they know and understand how the right treatment plan can make significant changes to how you feel.

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